I am a PhD student of the Data Science CDT at the University of Edinburgh working on meta-learning approaches to improving unsupervised visual representation learning. This work is supervised by Tim Hospedales and funded in part by the EPSRC. My other research interests include Bayesian deep learning and explainable AI.

Previously, I completed a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Durham University where I worked with Magnus Bordewich on multi-task and transfer learning in RL. During my undergraduate degree I developed an algorithmic composition system with Steven Bradley. I also worked with Professor Toby Breckon at the university over a summer, developing dense stereo vision and visual odometry for robotics. During this time I had the chance to collaborate with the Centre for Vision and Visual Cognition on a project involving Brain-Computer Interfaces as an application of Deep Learning.


I have undertaken tutoring, demonstrating and marking roles while studying both in Edinburgh and Durham. Courses I’ve taught include Introduction to Programming (in Python/Java), Introductory Applied Machine Learning and Theory of Computation.